Mediumship and Life after Death

October 7, 2010



A Novel Channelled by Leo Bonomo

At ‘baseline’ Summerland is an enjoyable, action-packed story. At the next level it is allegoric, exploring the different types of experiences people have as they or their loved ones pass over.

Throughout the chapters we are provided with insights into questions about existence and the ways in which spiritual forces communicate with and support us. At its ‘pinnacle’ this is a novel which provides comforting, accessible guidance direct from spirit.

Set in England 1987, the character-based story employs plenty of colloquial, dialectal dialogue which adds ‘colour’ and humour to the reading experience. Spirit even uses the odd cliché and stereotype to appeal to and amuse, or perhaps stir the reader.

We meet the main character fourteen-year-old Alex, as a mischievous teen and follow him through death and a small sequence of his soul’s spiritual progression. We meet other souls and helpers and, interestingly, view the process of human to spirit communication (or median-ship) from the perspective of spirit.

There are moments of spiritual ecstasy as the key character (Alex) experiences the love of God, the good of the universe, or whatever you choose to define and align your own spiritual connection with.

The story shifts quickly from one scene to the next as a reader follows Alex through episodic plot-bytes. Each one has suspense. Each one has clear messages and humanitarian themes.

The reader experiences omniscience along with the soul of Alex, as the nature of time, space and form become fluid in the realm of spirit.

Knowledge and togetherness are important in Alex’s spirit home. He spends time in the libraries and halls of learning, he meets fellows and guides who help him. He pledges to serve.

Musician, Jimi Hendrix features in the novel, illustrating the concepts of astral projection and sound and colour healing. The way in which messages from spirit are delivered is explored within popular culture and the overall premise is, (hearteningly) that we may be becoming increasingly receptive to the guidance of spirit.

In summation, Summerland melds a discussion and presentation of spiritual ascension with a grounded, ‘nitty gritty’ character-driven exploration of human nature and mortality.

It will hold your attention from beginning to end. It’s a great read!

Book Review by Shelley – October 2010


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