Mediumship and Life after Death

March 19, 2011

Thomas Paine. The Most Valuable Englishman Ever the video banned in the U.K. How so few,hold back so much,from so many.


Why is this video banned in the U.K.?

 I write today about Thomas Paine described as the most valuable Englishman ever.

Here are some quotes:

“I never tire of reading Paine.” – Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

“I consider Paine to be our greatest political thinker.” – Thomas A. Edison (1847 – 1931)

My great thanks go out to Peter, Robin, and Victor Zammit.

As we have said many times the real truth, which has, been banned in this country (England) as has this video, for at least 135 years.

The truth of Life after Death.

You will need to ask yourself why these truths have been held back.

Weigh up what those in charge would have to lose against what the rest of us would gain.

How so few hold back so much from so many.

To my mind the freedom from worry of what faces us all, would be incredible.

The knowledge that finally all we do would be accountable, that those who persist in doing evil will be held to account just as much as those who do great deeds of good.

The real fact that those who “plea bargain” and smile at those who are law abiding will not be smiling for long.

This fractal of our existence is but as Jimi Hendrix put it “the blink of an eye.”

Imagine  a world where criminality would be minimal, it will not be extinguished, where we would not be afraid to open our doors to a stranger, where knowing that all deeds are noted and dealt with.

The closest we can come to that ideal is our idea of what we call “Heaven” one of a number of sphere’s in the world of Spirit.

We are as we approach 2012 engaging in a massive shift of consciousness.

Go to my blog search and look it up for more information. There will be a clearing and those who are left, mostly “the meek of the Earth” will inherit and be able to put into place the knowledge that has been hidden from many but as we now know, a number that is less and less.

The Suppression of Knowledge To the teeming millions who have died or suffered in the name of ignorance and religion First Published in 1983 by Michael Roll Copyright 1983-2002 by Michael Roll Revised September 2002

Enjoy the videos, wonder at why they have been banned.

link from my site at link on main page.

Question everything, so much we have taken to be true, is not.

Light, Love and Prayers always, Leo.

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