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June 23, 2013

Bargain host Not such a bargain after all! Having had to search for a contact number I have inadvertently stumbled across a fair number of complaints LOL What a wonderful own goal 123 reg/bargainhost .

Bargain host Not such a bargain after all!

I write to highlight my experience with Bargain Host. I have been with them some time and they appeared to be a decent company. Decent that is if things don’t go wrong and you generally don’t have to contact them.

Should you want to contact Mr James Innes or Scot Innes you should go to as I cannot give this information out personally But “WHOIS” is a tool that helps you find information on such people behind web companies, you are entitled to look them up yourselves.

I’ll be honest they did fix a few things for me and it may be that I had a good deal from the outset and they now felt they were losing money I don’t know.

What I do know is that if you get locked out – password changed etc, there is no obvious phone number and therefore no way to get in touch with them. To submit a support ticket you have to be “in the system” and of course if you are locked out, you can’t.

Although denied, there appears to be a link between 123.reg and Bargain host but as I found lots of complaints about 123.reg in my enquires and this post is on bad  web hosting I thought I would add it in.

Having had to search for a contact number I have inadvertently stumbled across a fair number of complaints LOL What a wonderful own goal bargainhost ! ( ) Anyway enough of that that was a one minute search!

I was achieving hits of 17,500 yes I know not great but without resources and skills it’s ok. Then I started to get “drop outs” sometimes for five or six days on end no hits at all. Obviously something very wrong there. According to 123 reg/Bargain host CPanel isn’t that reliable and the figures can “Be misleading” I would love CPanel to comment on this especially as I am moving to GREAT COMPANY called JUST HOST who not only do a much better deal long term but guess what? They have 24/7 support.

Isn’t it funny that the web is a 27/4 service and that is what it’s for but support at Bargain host its only Monday to Friday? DOH! What is that about?

Anyway the upshot being not only such shoddy service but they failed to send me a billing statement so I could pay quarterly (Yes I do admit I was lazy and was going to remain with them) but after a non notification – I mean what company, computerised, is so shoddy that it cannot even send out an invoice to help keep it running? Yes quite something that!

Anyway after not billing me they then suspended the account, of course at the weekend, with no notice, reminder or anything so absolutely no way of contacting them, I had thought perhaps they were trying to punish me in some way for complaining, but actually done the great favour of getting my backside in gear, at last 123 reg/bargain host, something to thank you for. BRAVO 123 REG/BARGAINHOST at last something to shout about!

Personally I would look very closely at the service you are getting if you are still with the dinosaur mentality of a Brontosaurus It was estimated that the brain of the creature was so small and it being so long that any damage to its tail would take about two minutes for the pain to reach the brain. A very apt comparison in my view but judge for yourselves.

Google it, search it and in my own humble opinion, get away from it!

Light all. And as they say in that old cop series, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

Review of 123-Reg Hosting Services

Posted by Paul on Dec 14, 2011 in SEO | 15 comments

Since I began working in SEO around 3 years ago, I’ve worked with a number of hosting companies and really struggled to find a good one – until now! Having found South West Broadband.

123-Reg, my previous hosting provider are quite simply the worst company I’ve ever dealt with – that’s not limited to hosting providers! After migrating my personal website to them at the start of November, I quickly noticed that it was offline around 50% of the time and took around 30 seconds to load when it was accessible. Submitting constant support tickets and making loads of phone calls generated the following responses:

  • Our unlimited package cannot handle heavy installations like WordPress
  • Of course we can handle WordPress, it must be something you’re doing
  • I think it was a glitch with our servers, it should be resolved now
  • You need to provide us with ping responses (which I did a number of times – without a resolution)
  • It seems fine to us
  • It’s fixed now, we’ve resolved it (They hadn’t realised I’d moved hosting provider)

Their customer service was poor, the majority of my support requests were followed by excuses and links to random articles that were generally irrelevant.

Paul works as Head of Digital Marketing for London-based web agency, GPMD. Paul also writes for Econsultancy, State of Search and Smart Insights.

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